icographic 3, 1972

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icographic 3, 1972

Issue 3 of pioneering industry journal from The International Council of Graphic Design that took an often research-based and quantitive look at themes related to graphic design.

This industry journal is a unique piece of graphic design publishing history and a pioneer in industry research. Aside from a fascinating look at what design publishing was in the 60s and 70s, its content is rich in text and insight. Each issue covers a range of topics which are presented in a delightful four column grid. Each issue is marked by a striking graphic cover, typographic arrangement and colour.

In this issue, On Typos: new Japanese type face. Designing and producing a consumers' magazine, Designing a periodical for a variety of textual needs. Type designing in the future. Penguin paperbacks. Language and readability. Designing for Nuffield Foundation science teaching projects. A new Hebrew sans serif for bilingual printing. Demise of the point system in sight.

Title: icographic
Issue: 3
Year: 1972
Pages: 24
Size: 300 x 210
Format: Soft Cover Magazine
Language: English.